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Zenobia’s writing and speaking comes from a place of passion and exposure that is both energizing and respected. It’s because of her writing and speaking style many are both challenged and encouraged to think, stand and become more.
Patrick Jr.
“Zenobia is an eloquent writer. I especially enjoy her blog posts. I have sampled the book that she is currently working on and think it is going to be awesome! I look forward to seeing her speak in person. Just from her writing, I know that she will be an amazing speaker.”
Natasha Pierre-Louis
“The title “Phenomenal Women” fits Zenobia well! When I am at my lowest, her poems and writings are therapeutic. Hard truth to deal with at times yet easy to digest! Her work is honest and pure. She is a blessing, please keep writing. She is an inspiration!”
Kimberly H. Clark
Encouraging, enlightening, and inspirational. I truly believe the best is yet to come! I feel the key turning in the right direction.
Tasha Bowman
Zenobia is so encouraging, edifying, and positive! A rare pearl.
Christina Mayo
Encouraging to feel not only along the journey to fulfillment. ..very revelatory personally, answering my questions and thoughts. Helping to identify areas in my life where I struggle with staying unstuck…


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unlocking-my-life-3Unlocking My Life Online Program

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In this 4-Week Program You Will:

* Gain knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of areas in your life that are keeping you stuck, stiff, and stagnant.

*Identify your starting point toward breakthrough and radical transformation

*Tear down personal barriers and remove beliefs that limit you

*Create a strategic map for building a life free from prior barriers and that prevents being hindered by future ones.

Class Begins November 6, 2016

Spots Are Limited

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